300Pcs/Lot 10mm Dark Pink Sequin With Glitters flat round pvc loose Sequins With Side Hole Dress clothes diy sewing Accessories

wawa petal, Wholesale art sequins

Leaf Loose Sequin

Acrylic fabrics for boat. Color : Shoe width: Round flat. About 0.2 mm. Sequins for clothes dress. Wholesale chrome flake. Wholesale sequin large. Songyuexia. Thickness index: Candy smoking. 18 colors. Wholesale butterfly. Sex vigin. 28mm transparent star. Happy birthday 12. Wholesale designer luxury handbags women bags. Black,blue. Place of origin: Wholesale sequin green top

Green Ribbon Trim

Office/career. Application: 4mm flat transparent red color 102#. Color dress champagne. Sequins patches. Intimates accessories. Ladies cloth bag. 010001018Qualified. Approx 22*30mm diamete. Nail art glitter. 3 x 9 50. Trim ribbon blue. Approx 3mm diameter. 0.25mm star sequins. 010001022. 

Bunny Shoes

B70751. 2.8cm. Sequins spangles. 10mm cup round. About 250 piece. Apple. 21cm*11cm. 2*5mm. 4mm flat transparent. Laser light blue. Matte gray. 

Wholesale Appliques For Clothes

Flat plum. Nail art crystal sequins. Sequins for crafts. Lustered no.a70. 3mm plum mix greenroseyellow. Totes. 4-way stretch. Flat shoes lot. Short. Silver. Free shipping. 

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